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Not to hijack CC's tread here but I live in the territory he is currently writing about. Probably seen 1000 bears over the years. In all my travels in the back country I've only ever felt threatened by a bear only once. I was on a worn out 250 Yamaha 4 wheeler crusing down an abandoned FSR north of Mackenzie, BC. There was piles of bear scat all over the road and it was early fall. I figured the bears were out in force trying to bulk up for winter. Anyway I came around a corner on this FSR and there was a big blackie just sitting by the side of the road. I figured he'd take off as I got close to him. Nope. He just sat there and stared me down. I passed within 25 feet of him easily.

So I continue on down the road for another couple of klicks. Now there is huge piles of scat all over the place. I'm not armed, riding a 15 year old quad that has seen better days, and I know the bears are hungry. Now I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I come to my senses and figure its time to head back to the truck. I pull a quick u-turn and off I go back down the road. I come around the same corner as before and, lo and behold, my big black bear friend is SITTING right in the MIDDLE of the danged road. On goes the brakes and up goes the blood pressure. He just sits there and stares at me. Doesn't make a sound or nothing. It felt like forever but in reality it was likely only a minute or two when he suddenly looses interest in me and saunters off to the side of the road again. I take the opportunity and book it. He doesn't even look my way as I ride past.

I can tell you I have a VERY healthy respect for bears.
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