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Originally Posted by hexnut View Post
The new Metropolitan is a re-badged Honda Giorno made in China, rather than the Japanese built Crea Scoopy that has been our Metropolitan ill these years. The new model is air-cooled instead of liquid-cooled on previous models, although it does add fuel injection.

WTF? I don't like that! No wander the price has dropped on the Met. Just hate to see more made in China. While I'm sure its still build to Honda's standards, I still don't like it. And why air cooling? Cheaper I guess. But I thought the little radiator on the 50 was neat before! Not entirely necessary, but it looks good in the features! Air coolings alright, but seems with the scoots them fans tend to make a lot of noise when you driving it, I don't like it make it sound like a whiny. Sounds alot like a Winda Air Conditioner.

Fuel Injection is totally unnecessary on a scoot. Mostly done for emmisions I'm sure. But IMHO it just adds more problems in the future. Nothing like a good ol' simple carb. ALTHOUGH, the trouble shooting is neat with a code scanner! But then again, no more roadside repairs like the good ol' days!
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