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Originally Posted by PirateJohn View Post
Thanks for the input on chain oilers guys. I am coming from the perspective of having done 100% of my touring on bikes with driveshafts so chains are a bit of a new area for me.

Yes, I am thinking about an 800 XC to use on Texas dirt and gravel roads and some other roads that I want to explore around the border in Mexico that I presume are a similar construction. Gravel, dust, and sand.

If you don't use oil what do you suggest?
Never understood the fascination with oiling chains when modern O and X-ring chains are sealed units. Sure, oil them to stop rust on the outside but aside from that, they don't need oiling as much as folks think they do.

As for Scottoilers - unless you live in a really really wet environment like, say, England, I just don't see the need plus they are very messy and a PIA to set up.

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