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The riders that signed up for the Adventure were told the Scorecard with all the information would arrive Sunday July 8th and the competition starts. The Scorecard points out all the way to collect points. There is the MO-FO Tour (Riding to four corners of Missouri), BS Points (Riding to odd and unique waypoints in MO), Adventure Detours (Getting off the beaten path on your way to the Rally), attending the Gyspy Tour in Oark, Arkansas, competing on the track at the MOA rally, and others. All have different points value and will be further explained as I go along.

I was in the county the weekend of July 6th fixing fence. I was hoping I could make it home in time to download the scorecard and chase down some points that Sunday. I got my work done early on the 8th drove home and downloaded the scorecard. Being local, I helped with the MO-FO Tour so I knew where the NW corner waypoint would be. I hoped I could pick up some BS Points points going to the corner and back. After spending some time with the scorecard I was on my bike heading N.

The first place I knew well from my Missouri travels. It was the home were Jesse James was killed in St. Joesph, MO on April 3, 1882.

"but that dirty little coward that shot Mr. Howard
Has laid poor Jesse in his grave"
That coward is Bob Ford and is buried in Richmond, MO.

Another BS Point not far from the James home is the Pony Express National Museum.

The original Pikes Peak stable built in 1858 was purchased in 1860 to serve as the start of the Pony Express. The original structure was wood and was replaced by this one in 1888 but some of the original post and beams were reused.

On April 3, 1860 the first rider left on a 2000 mile route to Sacramento, CA and completed in about 10 days. The Pony Express operated only 18 months.

After St. JO I headed toward the NW corner. This area of MO is called the Riverbreaks which are actually Loess Hills. This area is one of my favorites in MO. The hills are all dirt with roads cut right through them with 90 degree dirt banks. The minimum maintenance roads have are not graveled and can be impassible after a rain.

I continue heading to the NW corner. The location of the NW corner is actually a small area of land that is actually Nebraska. In 1867 the Missouri River flooded. When the water receded the newly formed channel had over 5,000 acres on the MO side of the river called McKissick Island. MO claimed the land. Although NE won a 1905 Supreme Court decision that the land was NE the state still did not agree on the boundary until a 1999 survey.

Last year the are entire area was flooded all homes and buildings were lost and the fields were all covered with sand. There are still scars from the flooding but the lands was worked and the corn looked pretty good:

In order to get to the island one had to leave Missouri, ride into Iowa, back into MO and then to McKissick Island.

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To be continued:
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