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I want this bike to be fully functional, a daily street tracker, a weekend in the country side scrambler. Form has to follow the function.

That's why lately I was riding it rather than building. I was putting some parts on, than off, checking how does it work on the pavement and in the woods. The rear fender for instance, with it's old school flappy rubber turned out perfect. It gives the old scrambler look AND it actually works. It's short enough to have an aggressive and composed look and long enough to keep my ass dry. I think I have to fabricate such a flappy rubber for the front as well. Front fender looks cool, but when riding in wet I got shit flying of the tire directly in front of it. And when when offroading, the engine and exhaust are covered in 1cm thick mud, which dries out to create concrete like substance. Also I'm thinking about switching the bars to some taller MX ones. These are perfect for the twisty roads, but when I have to stand on the dirt, I have to lean forward too much and it doesn't help when doing jumps.

Anyways, here are some pics of this evolution process.

There's this little MX circuit just 5min out of my town. I was going there every day to practice a little and have fun. When I thought I'd mastered it, I realized I was doing it the wrong way round all the time. How stupid can you be.

That front plate has to be changed. Now it's too big and it dominates the front, makes the bike look smaller.

I already replaced the fork seals and installed the harmonica rubber fork covers.

Here's a selection from military training ground just north out of my city. On weekends it's open to the public and you can find some off road enthusiast over there.

That's just the beginning of how I'm gonna test this bike ;)
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