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Got out for some back road riding with a buddy today. He borrowed my '08 Scrambler for a while last year while trying to decide what to buy, ended up with a pretty white over red '06. When we stopped for some lunch it was very apparent that his bike seemed to stand up 'normal' on the side stand while mine (and the other Scramblers that I am familiar with) leans rather drastically. I had always attributed this to Triumph using the same stand as on the Bonny, despite the longer Scrambler shocks, now I am wondering about that. So ... Scrambler owners who still have stock length shocks, does your bike lean drastacally on the side stand?


Yep, mine has the lean. I noticed a couple months ago it was getting worse and found the kickstand bolt had loosened up and was about to fall out. Thats when I decided to check all the bolts on my bike and found that the front sprocket was also loose as well.

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