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I personally prefer carburetors as they add personality to the machine, and I've never had any issues rebuilding carbs... hell, I've been working on them since I was ten. Carbs also have the unique ability to function in a variety of states of disrepair; they don't just up and quit; they give warning signs, and will often allow you to limp home when things do go wrong. Fuel injection either works, or it doesn't. It's that simple. Diagnosing fuel injection issues on a single-cylinder machine shouldn't be too bad; there is an MIL indicator on the dash, and the system is relatively simple; injector, crank angle sensor, temperature sensor, o2 sensor, and computer.

One major benefit of fuel injection; the systems are usually well designed, and will typically outlive the life of the engine and require almost no maintenance between riding seasons. Also, modern FI systems are way less complex than a CV carb, as long as the electrics don't give out. This means no more enrichener valve, no choke, no float and bowl, no needle valves, no slide, no plunger, no vacuum chamber, and no more vacuum lines.

My next machine will be a Suzuki Burgman 400, which is all computerized and way more complex than my Helix. Luckily, I have at least five more years with the Helix before I even THINK about a new machine.
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