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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Choosing a bike for a trip isnít unlike choosing what bike to purchase. Too many struggle with what they want vs. what they 'think' they should get. My advice has always been: "Get the f'ing bike you lust after. Write the check, max the card--you won't regret it." Not everyone follows that advice, but anyone who's ever owned a bike understands that sentiment the moment they are out cruising around and feel a pang of regret when someone goes by on the bike they really wanted. And so the same logic went into my decision on what bike I wanted to do this trip on: the bike had to get my rocks off.
Now, I don't think people should go out financing something they can not afford or should not due to other obligations. However, those are very wise words. I am a strong advocate of buy the quality stuff that you really want. It may cost more up front, but if you really like it you will take care of it and keep it around longer. You don't end up replacing it two years later with something else that is just another "good enough".
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