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Day 5 (380km): Get Lost

I could tell when I woke up this morning at 6:30am that we were heading for another hot day. So I quickly woke Alberto up and told him that we should hit the road ASAP. He agreed. We quickly packed up, drank some breakfast and hit the road. But not before I dropped my bike leaving the campsite, stupid hill. It's a fine line between the point of no return and glory when trying to take the bike of the side stand.

Fun roads near Williams Lake

We rode back the way we came to Williams Lake. I stopped at the grocery store and stocked up on some water. We weren't planning on being anywhere near civilization for the next few days. One last quick check of the map and we were off. Tragically our TomTom died about a week ago, and has yet to revive itself. This is quite unfortunate in some situations, like finding the right road in cities. Oh well, I chose to improvise to the best of my knowledge and it worked out. What we discovered was an amazingly twisty road, that we had all to ourselves so early on a Sunday morning. It was road biking bliss. Elevation changes, technical corners, a nice cool morning breeze. Good times.

The road turned to gravel as we descended down to the river, and stayed dirt for a little ways before turning back to a rough paved road. Based on our map we were expecting more gravel, but there you go, it was paved. We continued through farmland, into the back of Quesnel. There we topped up with gas, and met a nice gentleman on a Honda Goldwing. The day was starting to heat up so we wanted to keep moving. Another quick glance of the map and we had a route planned for the rest of the day. Our intention was to follow what looked like backroads towards Prince George.

Trying to 'catch' Naomi

We turned off at 10 Mile Lake, and we were again surprised that the road was paved. The road changed from dirt to paved and when we finally intersected the highway we discovered that we had gone way too far north. This was one of the moments that TomTom would have earned his keep. He would have alterted us that we had gone astray. So once again we checked our map and realized we didn't really need to backtrack that far we decided to continue with the original plan. Back on Highway 97 we headed south keeping our eyes open for Genvieve street. We didn't find it, but thankfully where we stopped to check our map again was indeed the road we were looking for, it just wasn't signed. Back on track we headed for the hills.

We didn't get very far though. There was active logging going on and the road was blocked.

This must be a logging zone

There was an alternate road that looked like it would get us where we needed to go though, so we tried our luck on that one. We saw a couple of pickups shooting a gun, but that was it. No logging, no people. Lots of unnamed intersections and blind guesses on our part. All the random guessing eventually led us to a dead end, but the riding was fun and we weren't really going anywhere in particular today. Just a couple of fun seekers on some motorbikes.

Are we LOST again? ... great! left or right? ...let the fun begin

We were getting close.... to a dead end

No TomTom? no problem, get that Backroad Mapbook out

The ruts - bottom left - don't look like much but boy... Alberto got into some almost un-savable wobbles

Too many wrong turns and 90min later we decided to head back out to the highway to a road that we saw and knew where it led. We were now interested in a sure thing. So back to the highway we went, but not before seeing some local wildlife: moose and calf plus a deer.

Back on the HWY

We turned off the highway on to Naver road, which we thought was going to be paved (based on our map). This was not the case, but we saw an RV coming the opposite direction so we thought we were for sure on the right track. There was more signage but it was still pretty weak, and of course we took a wrong turn. 50/50 odds, and we were not doing so well today. We considered stopping at a pretty lame Rec Site but the mosquitoes were very aggressive and that kept us searching.

We pointed ourselves in the only direction left, and finally we guessed right. Success! By this time though the temperature was hovering around 27 degrees and we had taken several wrong turns. I had choked down a lot of dust, and was cursing TomToms good name. I was starting to loose Alberto too. We hadn't really had lunch, he was cooking inside his riding gear and his back was past its limit for the day, we needed to find a place to camp, the sooner the better.

Eventually a sign I recognized appeared, phew we were driving in the right direction at least, and I remembered that Stoney Lake, where we were trying to go, was nearby. Alberto was eager to stop for the day, and it was hard to keep up with him. We chose to stop at Stoney Lake Rec Site (North) for the evening and we were rewarded. A nice peaceful spot with a good view. There were a couple of families with campers also enjoying the lake, which in our opinion is a good sign.

FINALLY Stony Lake

Just a bit dirty ... that VeRubber tyre has had a good run

Very nice spot was Stony Lake

We had barely set up the tent when we ran down to the lake for a dip. Oh boy, that felt good. It was sweltering inside our suits. A bit too hot for our tastes and not what I was expecting when we decided to go North for this road trip. The lake was refreshing, and under normal circumstances I would have considered it cold, but in that moment it was perfect.

We spent the rest of the evening hiding in the shade until the heat of the sun had dissipated. It was nice though, there was a cool breeze and sitting by the lake was very peaceful.

Isn't she beautiful

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