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In order to collect points for the MO-FO tour you have to go to all four of the waypoints. That is going to be a lot of miles.

From the NW corner I head SE to pick up some additional BS Points and head to a wind farm. As tall as the wind mills are they are not hard to find.

In King City, I saw this, a blade on display:

Some facts about the turbines in the King City wind farm:

Brand Name: Suzlon
Rated output: 2100 kw
Tower Sections: 4
Height: 262.5 ft
Rotor Diameter: 289 ft
Length of Blades: 139.5 ft
Weight of Each Blade: 14771 lbs
Weight of Rotor with Blade: 77541 lbs
Weight of Nacelle: 158821 lbs
Weight of Tower: 398971 lbs

Diameter of Blade: 7 ft 3 inches
Widest point of Blade: 10 ft

I use to think the windfarms were pretty but I now see them as a blight to the landscape. When looking at a wind farm all you see are the mills and not the natural beauty of the landscape. Also the sound of the towers is extremely annoying. They are not extreamly loud but the sounds never quits. I would compare it to a train a far enough away that you can easily talk but close enough you can't here the sounds of nature. In addition to the sound the shadow of the blades is quite bothersome when working around them.

Also in King City is The BIG PUMP, another BS Point was next to the turbine blade.

The Big Pump was built as a filling stating in 1937 in Maryville, MO and was one of the first discount gas stations in the area. The Big Pump was moved to the Tri-County Museum Grounds in 1990's, where it was resorted to is original look. The Big Pump is in the National Register of Historic Places.

From there I headed home. I rode over 350 miles, collected 1 of the 4 needed waypoints of the MO-FO Tour and a number of BS Points.

I needed to work the following week, I hoped I could get out of the office around noon on Friday the 13th. The Gypsy Tour started on Sunday the 15th (and ran until the 18th). Over the next few days, I spent a lot of evenings putting the other 3 corners and BS (way)Points to my GPSr. I also added the location of the Gypsy Tour location near Oark Arkansas to my GPSr.

In addition to loading the waypoints, I and worked on routes and routes and routes. I needed to figure a way to get from Kansas City to the other 3 corners of the State, pick up BS Points and to Gypsy Tour (Oark, AR) on minor roads in 2.5 days. It was a total of over 1300 miles and all but the last 50 miles were in Missouri. I knew I couldn't do that many miles in such a short time so decided to go after just the eastern MO FO corners and get to the Gyspy Tour but 5:00 on Sunday. That cut my route to Oark, AR down to 1100 miles, something that was possible.

To be continued....
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