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Me and the wife had stopped at wal-mart to buy an ink cartridge for the printer, and on our way out I seen it. Made her circle back and take pics, because I knew of a few threads like this on various forums. Once I got up to it, there was so much WTF I couldn't take it all in. But here is some that stood out.

The belt was actually on the supercharger, the backside of the belt barely touches it, my guess is that it's being used as an idler?

That alternator tensioning ... system is a deepwell impact socket and some threaded bits (bolt, allthread, nuts?).

I think the Arkansas permanent trailer plate is a heat shield for what I think is heater hoses?

Did you notice the steering U-joint? There is also a bit of roller chain there by the carb. At first I thought it was his linkage, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's to hold them wires up or something? The whole rear end of it looked like an erector set gone wrong. Those are ratchet straps going from that tank? to the frame.
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