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Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
a rogue rider passes by........

Hey! I resemble that remark.

The real story is we rolled into Cambria, filled up the tanks, found a taco stand, and a parking place. When the rest of the crew rolled in we asked the ride leader if he had a lunch spot and he said no. we watched them keep going. We had fantastic mexican as well, then rolled on thru town watching for the rest of our group - never saw them. I must be blind as a bat.

It was chilly going up the coast, we were glad to have a warmer jacket. Hwy 1 is always a treat. We missed the turn-off for the next dirt segment but saw that the track on our GPS had broken off so we went back. The real riding began there.

We were treated to a fairly steep group of switchbacks with high camber and a few inches of silt. We made it through okay, well Johngil had no trouble on his Husky 630, but it was a bit of a challenge on the big bikes. At the top the temps had warmed a good 20 deg so we stopped to air down (now instead of before the tough stuff, duh) and took off a layer of clothing.

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