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Originally Posted by ruckuschick View Post
You can also buy cool coats for dogs. The one's I have you just soak in water and put em on the dog. Then wet it down when it drys out again. I might alwo mention as far as battery powered fans go, if you are staying someplace with power at night, Ryobi make a nice battery operated fan that is rechargeable with a battery that fits their power tools as well. Pricey but better than having to keep buying batteries. Course I guess you could get regular rechargeable abtteries for the cheaper fans too.
I tried that concept but if you can't get enough airflow over your dog it just acts like an insulating layer and kept the heat in. It might work better on short-coated breeds, but Barley is a golden with a very full coat of fur. It simply didn't work for us. In the end I opted for wetting him down every 30-45 minutes in brutally hot weather as those stops were also opportunities to hydrate both of us.

Keeping cool is only part of the equation. Dogs lose an incredible amount of moisture from panting, and you MUST replace that. Another thing to keep in mind, as mentioned previously, is you need something to fall back on if you break down or get stuck in traffic (construction or accident ahead). If your only option depends on airflow your dog will bake!
I got a sidecar to travel with my dog. He never complains, is delighted to be with me, approves of my dietary choices, is a social butterfly who helps me meet folks, appreciates a good beer, snuggles better than my wife, and hangs on my every word as if it's the most profound thing he's ever heard.
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