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Originally Posted by stainlesscycle View Post
not to be a dick, but how is that? If you need caps lock to see, can you read this? You can only read your posts, but not others? You can change text size with ctrl+ or ctrl - or whatever the hotkey for it is.

Either way, the janus and the first bike are ugly, and useless.. Tough to design a retro frame and put a modern motor in it. And not make it look cheesy. Maybe the people who buy those whizzer copies would be fooled.... Either way, fad bikes are a tough sell, most consumers realize that potential resale market is nil. I don't think retro boardtracker is the next hot fad. Unfortunately i'm betting viragos and those other ugly 80's bikes make a huge comeback.

Some of the other bikes mentioned here were much more thought through.
reading glasses....collecting bikes is as easy as click and buy.....designing and marketing are your forte?
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