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Originally Posted by Lone Rider View Post
Sounds like you want to prove something for yourself, and maybe for others - taking on a challenge that will provide you with some type of satisfaction.

Go prepared, not matter what you decide.

Have you been there before? Have you touched, in real life, this before?

We never know what we don't know. Flying loose.

Cause yourself to be smart. Then go.
Satisfaction - yes, proof - no what for?

I thought of listing a few things I have done in "real life", but I decided not to.

See it that way: Some people get attracted by a nice beach or a great bar. If somebody asks you for a nice bar (on a nice beach *g*), do you ask back if he wants to proove something to himselfe or to someone else? Well at least he also might look for satisfaction

I get attracted to the word "impossible". Does not mean that I am stupid and Jump out a helicopter 1000 meter above the earth without a parachute. (well itīs been proven to be possible too - bad example)
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