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Thursday night I pack up the bike and load my GPSr with all the routes, tracks and BS (way)Points I have. I hope to leave my office around noon. Of course noon comes and goes and I'm still in the office. I do get out a little before 1:00, rush home, change and head out the door.

I'm going to head to the NE Corner of MO, around the town of Memphis, MO. I do plan on picking up additional BS Points along the way.

First stop is a little outside of MO in Excelsior Springs and the Hall of Waters:

I have not been there in years, it is a pretty cool place:

I always like history so here is a little history of the Hall of Waters:

From here I head east and start following the Missouri River. I'm heading to another familiar site. It is a site I came across over 10 years ago while boat. A few friends and I decided to take a boat trip from KC to St. Louis on the Missouri River. One late afternoon we were looking for a place to stay the night and pulled up the Grand River looking for a place to dock and we came across the USS Aries.

I have been back numerous times sense and have sent people there as well. It is in Brunswick MO.

Here are some pictures of the boat from before so you can see it better:

The USS Aries is a guided-missile hydrofoil developed by the Navy in the early 80's. This ship was the 5th of 6 Pegasus class ships and the only one remaining. She spent most of her time in the Key West, FL waters and assisted the Coast Guard in chasing down drug smugglers. This boat's top speed is 12 knots (14 MPH) while cruising on it hull. On it hydrofoils its top speed is 48 knots (55 MPH).

The owners are trying to find a place to move the ship and make her a museum. I hope they succeed.

Additional information on here can be found here: and

Not far from the Aries, also in Brunswick, I saw another boat.

It looks like a WWII DUKW but those had 2 rear axles. If you know anything about this ship please let me know.

From the Aries I headed NE to the NE waypoint of the MO-FO Tour.

I'm very fortunate, I have traveled Missouri a lot for business and pleasure. Because of that knowledge I was able to help the organizers of the MO-FO Tour pick the waypoint for each corner. This is one of the waypoints I recommended. It know know as the Soldier In The Field and it moves me every time I'm here. This time not in a good way. I WAS PISSED!

I'm still upset someone vandalized the statue by cutting off the head. Here is a picture from an earlier visit:

This statue is a memorial to Pernell Barnett, an only son, that died in the service of the country. It was placed in the country, along a gravel road, where he liked to hunt. There is nothing around but rolling hills.

All for sides are engraved. This is what is on the front:

Purnell Batts Barnett
Born at Memphis, Mo.
January 20, 1891
Died at base hospital Ft. Riley, Kan.
November 16, 1917 of pneumonia
A soldier in his country’s service
43 Days Co. 59 164 Depot Brigade
World’s war with Germany
We gave all the child we had
and it broke our hearts
What did you give?
Son of J.F. & M.K. Barnett
He was a great lover of nature
And of all animals
He loved hunting dogs the best

I'm getting steamed now seeing the picture again and thinking how some lowlife came along and destroyed a memorial to a soldier, lovingly placed by parents almost 100 years ago. My Karma visit the jerk 10 fold.

After collecting my pictures for the Soldier (NE Corner of MO) and I headed to Memphis for the night. It was about 6:00 at this time. The motels are booked because the County Fair is in town. I have to ride another 60 miles to find a room in Keokuk, Iowa.

Total miles this afternoon a little over 300.
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