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Day 6 (252km): The Gold Rush Circle Route

Some cloud cover that had rolled in over night was our friend this morning, it gave us a little extra time to enjoy the morning, without the fear of sweating our pants off trying to pack up later. We were feeling so cool we had oatmeal and tea for breakfast.

We had a good idea of where we were going this morning, and which made us less worried about getting lost, though the memories of the previous day were haunting us a little bit. We didn't really want to be in the same position at the end of the day. The riding was cool and breezy at first, a welcome change compared to how we ended the day yesterday. The road was pretty fun too, challenging enough without being terrifying. A very fun morning indeed.

Riding out of the free camping rec area

A bit of water to make a GS look like a GS

We came around a tight corner at one point and Alberto had a surreal moment. He thought he saw a teddy bear discarded at the side of the road, which he thought was strange, but then after a double take he realized it was a real live baby bear. The bear just sat there looking very cute watching him as he rode by merely inches away from it. Usually bears run off before I come along but even I saw this little guy. The bear was very cute, it's nice to see things like that.

We haven't seen rain for days... imagine when it rains in this area

Naomi having some fun

We eventually poped out of the woods at Barkerville, and discovered that our only hope of getting some much needed gas was in Wells. The only catch was that the gas station didn't open until noon. Yikes it was only 9:30am. I went to ask the reception at the nearby hotel if there was anyone else I could buy gas from, and she told me she would call the person who ran the gas station. The friendly lady opened the gas station for us, thank goodness. The kindness and helpfulness of the people of Wells saved us a tragic paved ride back to Quesnel. We also took advantage of the little break and bought some fresh popcorn. Not the most likely snack for a bike rider.

Cool mining shopping cart


Begging for gas

The wait isn't too bad when you have a bag fresh popcorn

Now armed with full tanks of gas we set out on the Gold Rush Circle Route, which by the way is well signed, a welcome bonus. The road conditions are mixed, at times it is as smooth as pavement and other times there is heavy gravel. It's a mixed bag, but an enjoyable ride nonetheless. We saw very few other vehicles, mostly road maintenance machiniery in fact. The scenery was typical beautiful British Columbia: rivers, forests, lakes and snow caped mountains. A perfect ride, in a perfect place.

BC is beautiful

Mountains started to show their face

Naomi looking cool

Definitely a great ride

Making sure we're not getting lost again

Some of the views

Stretching technique on a GS

Taking a short break

The road finally connects back to civilization in Likely, but before returning back to the outside world we saw another bear (full grown) and a moose with two calves. The wildlife tally for this trip keeps growing.

We decided to break for lunch in Lively. There is a nice spot beside the river with picnic tables, and a public washroom. The lunch of champions included a shake, popcorn, and an ice cream (purchased from the corner store). One thing I must say is that I love traveling with my shaker cup, it does everything from mixing drinks to making scrambled eggs. I'll never leave home without it again! It provides an easy instant meal and provides much needed convenience when we are on the road.

Lunch by the river in Likely

Going crazy for GOLD


Short Peruvian miner vs tall Canadian one

Alberto's back was getting tired and there were some campgrounds in the area do we decided to check them out. We got lucky on the first try and ended up setting up camp at Jacobie Lake Rec Site. We had a lakeside campsite and the place to ourselves. Score!

After setting up the tent we took a bath/shower in the lake. It felt amazingly refreshing and very needed. I ate so much dust today, that swim felt like the best thing on earth. We stopped for the day pretty early so we had lots of time to lounge around and relax beside the lake. The only issue, which has been a theme throughout, was the bugs. We had to hide in the tent most of the time, instead of enjoying the great outdoors outside.

Jacobie Lake: another AMAZING free camping spot

Relaxing the back

Those who never leave the city don't know what they're missing

The planner is planning

A much needed bath

Our high-tech charging stations!

The view from our tent

Jacobie Lake

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