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Wow, great pictures and R.R.! Beautiful! The pictures I took compared to yours, I might as well have given the neighbour's dog some crayons and had him draw some for me

I went to Bella Coola in late September 2010 on my F800 as well, but mine is the ST version

The miles of gravel and the "hill" were a little bit more interesting on an overloaded streetbike with nearly treadless tires, I must say though lol

The temps were awesome (just below freezing in the mornings from Williams Lake on in to Bell Coola) because there were NO bugs or mosquitoes to run from

I was nearly the last guy out of Bella Coola before the town and all access in or out by the only road was demolished in the great flood! (Sept 26th 2010) All the bridges, the highway, the town, everything washed away and got nuked virtually moments after I left!!! Everyone there had to be barged out and down the coast to the Island. I couldn't believe the news when I got back home and saw how flukey my luck was getting out!
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