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Originally Posted by gseur View Post
...can't find one for a road test.
All retailers told me "try the Bonnie, it's the same".
That's shocking! How could they overlook the total difference in exhaust beat between the Scram's 270 crank and the Bonnie's 360 crank!?

To me the soundtrack provided by the Scrambler when ridden is one of the (many) great aspects of the riding experience (TOR's on mine). A Bonnie, even with TOR's, would be a totally different soundtrack, so a totally different riding experience. Vive the difference!

Those dealers really ought to have better awareness!!

While mentioning the crank...
Although it is described as a 270 crank, when I was looking at the cylinder firing order, the crank throws and the camshafts shown in the assembly diagrams and relating what I saw there to what I was hearing and feeling as exhaust pulses at the tails of the exhausts, I figured that the two power pulses are 90 apart and that the valve timings give a little overlap of the two exhaust pulses - Cyl1 Ex still closing as Cyl2 Ex starts to open.

Anyone else that's given this some thought - do y'all agree? Disagree? 'Cuz it puzzles me why they call it a 270 crank if the power strokes are 90 apart.

Your thoughts please.
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