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Today while at the auto parts store I saw a Bondo 3m restore black kit so I sprung the $10 for it.

Man this stuff works great! My plastics look new! The stuff is really thick and the applicator was well thought out.

I cleaned the plastics all off again with methyl ethyl ketone and let the helix sit in the sun.
After about a hour I applied the first coat. Then let it dry in the sun for a few hours and then put a second coat on. It really makes the black plastics look Damn near new. Touch up is easy with the heat gun.... Wipe a area with streaks and then hit it with some heat and they disappear! Awesome..

Makes the rest of the Scoot look bad though.
I recived my new grey lower panels but I think I want the white upper panels now so I will wait to put the lowers on when I get the uppers.
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