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Well a bit of success tonight, I got enough finished to brave a bit of a test spin up and down the street.

I took it up to about 45-50mph without any real pull at all!

Bad news is that at very slow speed, say 5mph turning around in a lot, or pulling out onto the street, put it into a very brief but very strong headshake.

Common trouble at that low of speed? Possible cause?

Seems too slow of a speed to warrant a steering dampener. I wonder if maybe I just need to limit the radius of my turns at slow speed with the sidecar on. Things to keep me up tonight an mull over I suppose. I want to get the frame finished up with a few more gussets before I put any more road time in, so that will give me some time to think on it.

Oh, and the shock I chose I'm sure is too hard too. I can jump up and down on the frame beside it and it won't bounce more than a quarter inch. Might have to look into atv or dirt bike shocks again.
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