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A Bit of Hope

It was hard the next day, pulling out of my sweet little beach camp spot and heading back north. I hated leaving, there is something about that place, with the majestic volcanoes intertwined in the cloudy heavens that still pulls on me even to this day, two years later. It was sad but I had to go, there was still plenty more to explore.

The weekend was coming and I headed back to Anchorage to pick up the sister. Now as kids, Val and I did't really get along. My pops likes to tell the story of how when we were young, she used to do things to piss me off. A jab here and a poke there type of stuff, and when I would get fed up with it I would hit her back then she would go crying to the parents to get me in trouble. We all took a trip in the camper van up to the Canadian Rockies one year, I was about 13, and one day she kept aging me on and finally I socked her good. Now she was always much more sly than I was. I would always get caught, she never would. But this time my pops saw what was going on and when she went to them they said she deserved it. That was pretty much the end of it.

When we were in college, we would still go dirtbiking for the summer holidays some of the time and see each other during the holidays but that was about it. She went to CU and I was up at CSU, plus I am 3 years older, and her friends at school didn't believe she even had a brother. I was the phantom brother. I would often say things in a way that she found offensive and condescending and we were never really close.

Then, when I met Tina things started to change. I dont know exactly what it is, the Asian, or in her case the Vietnamese culture, is very family oriented so that may have rubbed off on me. She somehow made me nicer I am told, and we started hanging out with my sister more and more. They get along well, talking hospital and healthcare talk.

Anyway, back in Anchorage Val and I discussed what our options were for the weekend. We decided that we would head down to Hope since it wasn't that far away. 88 miles, or 142 km, is close by Alaska standards. I had scoped the place out briefly a while back so I knew where we would stay. Val likes to hike and there were a few options for us there. We pulled over into a decent little spot by the river, just up from some gold panners.

The next morning she threw the Rat into her coat and we headed three up on the KLR to the end of the road, or at least to where they gated the road off on the Palmer Creek Road. It is actually a pretty darn fun little road, for a road. But we weren't there to ride, so we parked the bike and headed up the path to the Twin Lakes.


It was awesome to be up there, hanging with the sister.


And the Rat too I guess.
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