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Originally Posted by BuiltnotBought View Post
Well a bit of success tonight, I got enough finished to brave a bit of a test spin up and down the street.

I took it up to about 45-50mph without any real pull at all!
Congrats! I had no idea what my first spin might reveal, then it went as well as yours.

Originally Posted by BuiltnotBought View Post
Bad news is that at very slow speed, say 5mph turning around in a lot, or pulling out onto the street, put it into a very brief but very strong headshake.

Common trouble at that low of speed? Possible cause?
You are pushing the front tire to one side to turn the rig and your trail is trying to pull it back straight. Mine does the same even though I would not call it "very strong", and my decision about trail will be made in relation to shake at higher speeds.

Originally Posted by BuiltnotBought View Post
Seems too slow of a speed to warrant a steering dampener. I wonder if maybe I just need to limit the radius of my turns at slow speed with the sidecar on.
I drive like an old man because I am one, and that gives me a right to take my time whenever I have to make a hard turn wherever!
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