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Originally Posted by DavidQ View Post
I took the T-63 off after a few weeks. It had sucha terrible feel to it, I thought maybe I had received a bad tire. I decided to go with the Pirelli MT-21. It has worked well so far (about 3000 miles).
I'm on my second T63 on my 950. I put close to 5000 miles on that thing before I swapped it. I also run a set of T63's on my DR650 and have probably 2000 miles on those so far. Overall, I'm pretty happy with them, they wear really good and the front doesn't get severely deformed knobs like some other tread designs, so you can ride it way past the point of where you think you should change it.

Most of my difficult riding with these tires has been on my DR650, and the KTM has had some difficult stuff, but mostly gravel and a lot of 2up riding. I can run this tire as hard as I want in the corners and have never felt it give up traction.

This is not a tire you want to use if you are doing a lot of gnarly stuff, but if you do moderate off road, and quite a bit of pavement, I think its tough to beat for around $65!

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