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Originally Posted by glasswave View Post
[I changed my order, so now I am running an e-10 Dakar front with an e-07 rear!]

I wanted to see how the e-10 [Dakar front & e-07 Dakar rear combo] holds up. If I can get more than 10,000 miles (or more) out of each, I'll be psyched. I know that they harder compound may sacrifice some road performance, but I don't push it too hard on the tarmac.
Originally Posted by Dorito View Post
We ran them on a R1200 and F650/800 (twin) on the rear. Got about 3500 miles out them. We might have sqeeked another 1K miles, but that still wouldn't have got us home. So, I would say very unlikely to get 10K.

For comparison, we were on a group trip and a buddy had a TKC on his R1200. I would say it sounds like the E-10 had a smidge more thread, but still all were end of life.
As you can see from my previous quote, I was speaking of the e-10 Dakar only as a front tire. I figure I should get at least double from a front as rear and I am hoping that the Dakar version wears a little slower.. I am now 2500 miles into the set up and I think you are right, I'll be hard pressed to get 10k, but really, it's still way to early to tell.
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