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Originally Posted by dan-c View Post
Good for you JJ .

Now take it down to a decent painter and have it painted Yamaha Yellow with the Strobe pattern

Dan the Man!!!

What's happenin?!? I just wondered back into this thread, and found your post. I hope all is well for you and yours.

Are you kiddin' me?!?...paint it?!? There's a story there...

I have a friend whom I've known since high school (more like my sister). For some reason, she's always around when I'm pondering bikes, strolling around bike shops, or picking-up a new bike (She's my usual taxi to the shop.)

Anyhow, she was sittin' on the couch one night, while I was surfing ADV. I am one of the guys who wanted to wait until '13, to see if the white one was gonna' make it to the US. Well, she saw one of the blue ones, and that was it. My next bike was picked.

She would KILL ME if I even scratched it!...She loves that Yammie blue.

I spent all my money on motorcycles, 4X4's, whiskey, and women...The rest I just wasted. (edited to fit/original phrase by "WIBO")

"There's a WEALTH of cool people and knowledge on ADV, there's also a decent sized pocket of douche bag assholes that think their ADV forum Post Count (Oddometer) is their badge at being experienced riders." goodcat8
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