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Sure, happy to comment.

I'd compare the ride quality on the BV to a motorcycle...the wheels are larger, the suspension components are of higher quality and more travel and I think they're better dampened as well. The SWing suspension always feels short on travel and "busy" to me...not bad, but definitely not as nice as the BV. HOWEVER, remember that we're sort of comparing a pack mule to a race horse...I load the SWing with all sorts of stuff, including tools, a book, my fanny pack, phone, handheld radio (2m/70cm...lots of repeaters where I ride and cell towers W6LPH), a tire repair kit, air pump and so on and so forth...whereas storage space on the BV is much more limited, so I can't carry nearly as much. Overall, I prefer the BV ride, but I can live with the SWing because of its extra load carrying capacity.

Yes, the seat heights are slightly different, but from a practical standpoint, I really don't sense the difference while on the bikes. I can really understand that hip-locking thing...that's one of the reasons I got rid of the Beemer...I couldn't ride it more than 10 miles without getting some hip-locking pain. The standard seating position with feet below and slightly forward is, for me, very comfortable on both bikes. The feet forward position on the SWing is OK for me, as I said, on long straight hauls just to be able to move my feet around a bit, but I really find that the bike handles better on twisty roads with my feet in the standard position. My suggestion would be to try them both out and see if that seating position will work for you.

I should state here that these opinions are based solely on my experiences with the named machines and they may or may not be applicable for you. If you need the feet forward position to keep from getting that rotten hip lock, if you can make do with a 250, you might want to look for a lightly used Yamaha Morphous. Also, I did some sitting on a Burgman 400 and really like it a lot...I think the seating position on the Burgman is superior to the's comfortable in the standard position...more so than the SWing...and you can move your feet quite a bit forward, although not as much as the Morphous...

just some thoughts...
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