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Hi Dennis,

I just entered the 21st century yesterday and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The first thing I did when I got home was download your app, as I am leaving on a 12-day trip on Monday, and thought the weather/GPS combo would be great.
Noodling around at home with it, everything seems to work fine, so I am looking forward to using it on the road.

Two questions - should I keave my phone connected to 12v during the ride and just leave your app running? My thought was just to check it when we noticed possible weather ahead.

Does this app leave a trail behind so you can see where you have ridden for the day, and give you mileage totals, like a real GPS? That would be an awesome feature, and completely eliminate the need for a separate GPS for me, as I can search for food, gas, etc., with the smart phone I guess.

Sorry if the questions are lame, but this smart phone thing is completely new to me, and I am not up to speed just yet.
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