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Originally Posted by JTucker View Post
Ok, I rode one today finally.
First impressions, compared to what I'm used to riding, a Buell Uly.
I left it in sport mode, did a little over 100 miles.
It was more more vibey than I expected, especially below 4k rpm. There were quite a few noises I wasn't used to. Do the final drives have some gear whine or was it something else?
Engine pulled pretty good at higher rpm but the low end torque was nonexistent. This was my biggest complaint about the bike. A 1200 twin should have torque.
Suspension was pretty good on rough roads, felt really confident on the few miles of gravel I was on.
Handling was good, not up to uly standards but as good as I expected, drug a peg once, used the tire to the edge and it never did anything strange.

Overall I leave with mixed emotions, perfectly good bike but I'm not sure it's for me. Pity, I really wanted to like it.
I share your disappointment. From my experience, I believe the whine your hear is from the tranny. I personally don't like the long shift throws & engagement from the transmission. Perhaps all that linkage crap has something to do with it or maybe it's a "break in" thing. A lot of S10 people say the motor gets better with age and miles. Your right about the lack of torque but this can be helped with a couple of free fixes. One being the Clutch Switch mod, the other is going in and opening up the air screws in the TBs. This makes a big difference in driveability. I find it telling that people are still vetting the latest bash plate for the bike. You would think it wouldn't be that difficult but apparently it is. Not a bad commuter bike though.
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