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Hi Dennis,

I just entered the 21st century yesterday and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The first thing I did when I got home was download your app, as I am leaving on a 12-day trip on Monday, and thought the weather/GPS combo would be great.
Noodling around at home with it, everything seems to work fine, so I am looking forward to using it on the road.

Two questions - should I keave my phone connected to 12v during the ride and just leave your app running? My thought was just to check it when we noticed possible weather ahead.

Does this app leave a trail behind so you can see where you have ridden for the day, and give you mileage totals, like a real GPS? That would be an awesome feature, and completely eliminate the need for a separate GPS for me, as I can search for food, gas, etc., with the smart phone I guess.

Sorry if the questions are lame, but this smart phone thing is completely new to me, and I am not up to speed just yet.
Thank you.. and congratulations on getting one of the best phones you can purchase right now!
I got to play with one and it's incredible.

re your two questions:
1) "should I keave my phone connected to 12v"
That is most definitely YES... it will charge as you ride otherwise it will be dead in a few hours.
I keep mine plugged in with a 2 amp charger; that way you can use it AND charge it at the same time.
If you get one of those 400ma USB chargers, it will slowly charge the phone, but only if it's off.
I keep 4 apps running at a minimum ALL THE TIME... (I don't have a separate GPS anymore).
a) Music ..I've got about 10 days loaded on the phone with no repeats
b) EMFB.. either in thr NexRad Screen if the weather is threatening, or the main green screen so that I can see what towns I'm passing through as I ride (I'm almost always on back roads off the interstate).
c) Google Navigation (often running in the background so I'm just listening to it)
d) Google Maps if I've pre-planned a custom route so I see where I'm at.

Your new phone has ICS.. that has an awesome feature that makes the above REALLY REALLY easy..

.. in the lower right hand corner you'll what looks like a box within a box... that is the "task switcher".
Tap that and you can toggle "to and from" each of the above apps.. remember, they are still all running all the time,
you are just switching between which one your are viewing.
If you've not already read it... I've put together a "long-ish" piece that talks about a lot of this.
(and the blue links talk about mounts and chargers)
Check out:

2) re:
"Does this app leave a trail behind so you can see where you have ridden for the day"
EMFB does not do that directly (although I'm working on it) but Google Maps does it once you turn on "Location History".
You just turn it on once and forget about.. it tracks where ever you go 24x7.
It's not for sharing it's only for you BUT .. you can go to your history file and select a data range (like the 12 day trip) and then it will show a map and trail for that time.. THEN you can save or share that map.
As far as daily totals.. I've not found a way to that automatically... you'd have to pull out each 24 hour period from the history file and see how far and where you went.
.. but it IS all there.
I can show you EVERYPLACE I've been for the past 2 years.

Especially when I'm near the end of the day I keep EMFB on
Use EMFB and DESTINATIONS screen to easily locate fuel, food and lodging.
It will also keep a list of what your searched for.
All you have to do is say something like "Best Western" or "Comfort Inn" and then NAVIGATE to and it will take to you the closest one... but if you say "show map" instead of "navigate", then it will pull up a list and you can call around first to check for availability.
EMFB "combines" MAP and NAVIGATION in an easy to use format.
There are so many ways use it.. it's take a little time to learn them all.

Please let me know if you have ANY questions...

good luck on your trip and ride safe..


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