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Originally Posted by Mercury264 View Post
Evidence of what ? F1 history is littered with stories of that prick Bernie pulling the plug on races - mainly because he didn't get his pound of flesh.

I want to be wrong as I want to go to Austin to watch an F1 race one day but until F1 cars hit the track for that first practice, I'll still be somewhat skeptical.
I have to concur with this sentiment. However, I think the Austin deal has a better chance than the Weehawken, errr NYC deal. Bernie is potentially the shrewdest little man on the planet. You have to get up, (or probably skip sleeping at all), very early to stay ahead of his shenanigans.

It is going to be a great GP track even if Bernie does knife them.

He is pretty freaking old.....he can't last forever.....or can he?
Hillary, it would be like Frasier being elected president; only uglier.
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