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I think the situation is more rooted in corporate bottlenecks than anything else. E09s are DOT rated too. Never seen an E10 so I couldn't tell you.

Back sometime in early spring I posed a question to Mitas concerning what it would take to become a distributor. I mean shoot, if it's just maintaining a website, dealing with customers, and being able to ship tires, I can do that from home.

This was before MitasMX blew up but everyone was having serious issues with MitasMX customer service.

I was serious about that inquiry. Still am. But other than some really pleasant private conversation with Mitas concerning the state of things I was not provided the specifics of what kind of deal would need to be struck in order for me to become a distributor. The conversation ended by not ending. Mitas who represents the company in the forum btw, is a very nice person.

If it's a case of minimum buys, I'm sure we can come up with the money to get a container. If it's a case of setting up a professional web store and LLC. That can be done. There is really nothing standing in the way of being a small distributor that can't be overcome with some effort.

The problem I encountered in my conversation with Mitas was that I could not get an answer to the very basic questions I was asking and apparently neither could he because I never found out what it would take for someone to distribute these tires in the U.S.

I like Mitas tires and I'd like to see Mitas tires distributed in the continental U.S.

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