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gumshoe4[/B] Nice report, appreciate it.

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;19231653]Interesting comparison. I'm thinking about a Silverwing to replace my Reflex. I also have a bv series Piaggio, an '05 bv200. I'd buy a bv350 in a heartbeat but I can't get past the red seat (though I have not seen one in person to really make a true determination). In comparing the bv to the Silverwing mainly on ride quality, how "jarring" is the ride of the Silverwing? My bv rides like a luxury car compared to my Reflex which has a horrible choppy ride. You also stated that the riding position was somewhat similar between the Silverwing and the bv. The Silverwing has a seat height of 29.9 inches and the bv is somewhere around 30.5. Can you truly ride the Silverwing comfortably with your feet in the normal riding position like on the bv? On the reflex riding in that position locks my right hip up after a while. I have been riding it with my feet in the "cruiser" position and the hip is OK but I perfer riding in the upright position.

Any advice/help is appreciated!


Bob, just sold my Reflex today. Traded in my Piaggio MP3 400 on a new '12 SW 2 months ago and recently sold my '09 TMAX (trying to free up some garage space (wives can be a bear about using garages for cars.)

My SW impressions, particularly versus the Reflex: Bottom line - no comparison, the Reflex is a very fine small bore maxi but lacks a lot in terms of general utility, especially in highway environments. Too little grunt and as you noted, can be a bit choppy.

The SW is a whole different breed of ride; smooth, lots of foot room for various positions (I'm 5'9" in my boots), perfectly capable in the curves, more power than I'll ever need, great on the slabs and quite functional in city riding. Its my keeper scoot for all around riding. I'd be happier with better MPG (generally getting mid-40s in mixed riding but other than that - its my choice until the Integra is available in the US.

Sorry I can't comment on the BVs, except my MP3 400 experience will be my one and only Piaggio. Dealer service is a b**** to get to in my area and God help you if you need fairing parts. Took 3.5 months to get mine fixed after a minor accident. Others with solid local Piaggio dealer availability will certainly have different opinions but I'm staying with the Japanese for my rides. JMO
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