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Originally Posted by ecarnell View Post
Any review yet? I separated my shoulder back in end of June - doctor just said no surgery either, but looking for some extra protection in this area as I'm still only 50/60% back in strength/mobility with this arm.
Ecarnell, I think that it is helping me and worth the money. I don't know how your shoulder feels but I feel OK with the arm in the riding position, it is putting it out to the side that hurts the most. The strap helps hold the shoulder in toward your body. It seems to give you extra support in the joint to help stop straining it some. It was a bit painful putting it on the first time, but once I got the straps in place it isn't as bad. You might need some help getting everything setup but after that I just kept everything in place. IMO it is worth the money!! Not the end all be all but it helps me and I think worth giving a try. Some people think it is bulky but I don't think it is that bad. I hope that this helps, I am about the same % as you are with the shoulder.

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