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Originally Posted by Pete O Static View Post
Of course things have a learning curve but this is a simple GPS, not a laser gyro inertial reference system. I agree that the unit does many things but none of them particularly well. I just wish Garmin would focus on one thing at a time, get that straight and working properly, then move on to the next. As it stands, the Montana, like the Zumo before it, has terrible mapping ability which cannot be trusted ( although the resolution is better ) and annoying bugs like spontaneous and spurious shutdowns, white screens etc.....Now they want to add a remote temp sensor. Really?..

Your experience is different than mine but there are many who have issues with this unit and as I have said before, I find Google Maps to be a much better street navigator for a lot less money. Agreed it won't tell me when is the best time to go fishing but I am more than ok with that for a bug free navigational experience.
I wholly agree with you..... Pete O Static.... just came back from a TAT ride.... East to West. End point Colorado. 5,592 miles.

Carried the Zumo 450 and Montana 650 side by side on the 1200GS. I am glad that I had the old faithful Zumo 450 as the Montana was one of the buggiest Garmin GPS I ever owned. Oh, sure it's a great instrument; easy to see in sunlight; strong as a bull when going through rutted washboard roads..tolerated the heat of the day and engine as well, however a lot..I mean a lot of refinements need to be done by Garmin before this instrument is totally embraced by the public. Garmin needs to focus on getting the instrument to work properly under all conditions instead of loading it with gizmos. The reason for the Montana was "tracks" which the Zumo cannot do from Mapsource or BaseCamp. I have the latest update 4.20.

Problems: (1) When wanting to look for a destination(address)...pick State > city> skip street > skip house number and expect to have a list of rodds, street names, etc..does not happen for the first time..."says Not found"...screen goes blank and unit shuts off. Restart unit...You do this sequence 2-3 times of finding the finally displays the lists of streets or roads.

(2) charging the unit from the bikes source is not alway effective...whether it was/is the contacts with the rugged mounts of some inside discrepancy I do not know. During a hot day the unit does not charge and runs off it's own battery...starts charging when the unit cools or the cool of a morning! Could be pin contact which expand and contract during temp changes.

3) When Navigating and trying to either zoom in or out..the instrument always skips to a way point(pin) screen..then you have to unpin it..revert back to the zooming platform, etc..the touchpad (+)-(-) is too small an area for riding gloves..this is where the Zumo excells as you don't always have to revert to the screen.. you can push( +- )using the rubberized sidecar.

4) When stopping the map screen rotates back and forth while the Zumo is quiet and steady.

Sorry to say that I am NOT impressed with the Montana and wish that Garmin simply revamped the good old Zumo.
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