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Originally Posted by dresda View Post
I'm starting to think that a lot of the Montana users here have simply bought a device that is way more powerful than they need and beyond their requirements. Perhaps many of the Montana's detractors should consider buying a Zumo, units that are simple and easy to learn but that have way fewer capabilities, similar to the units sold for use in automobiles..

I'm on my 5th handheld device, I've worked my way up through the range starting with an old eMap, then a 76S, 76csx, Oregon, and Montana. The Montana seems to be an evolution of the breed as far as its user interface goes and is by far the best unit I've ever owned. Although there are still some features that the 76s had that I miss.

The handheld units have always been far more complex than the automotive units because, being a handheld device, they are used by people who are using them in fairly diverse and complex ways. Geocachers really push these tools to the limits, setting up complicated puzzles that the players solve to find the cache. I know of geologists who use Montanas to map finds and locations. My Zumo drives me up the wall because I'm always looking for a feature that isn't there. But I know about the feature because I've been using handheld devices for years.

These are not the 'Dummys' device, but a powerful tool. And anything that has power is also complex.

They take time to learn! Don't buy one just before you leave on your big trip - get it 6 months in advance and learn how it works! Use it in familiar surroundings, on routes you know and see how it behaves so that you can understand what it is doing and how to interpret what it is telling you. It is just a tool and is still not a substitute for pre-planning a trip. You still should look at maps and bring them with you on your trip.
Have gone through many devices, all fine!!...! Regarding mine...there's nothing too powerful regarding the Montana. Am well versed in it's power and use, just that it has too many glitches..where one has too often have to reset the darn thing in the middle of a ride. This to me is unbecoming of a Garmin product I ever owned. I am sure in time they will get more consistent, rugged, fool proof..but at this is sadly lacking reliability!

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