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Originally Posted by Abenteuerfahrer View Post
Have gone through many devices, all fine!!...! Regarding mine...there's nothing too powerful regarding the Montana. Am well versed in it's power and use, just that it has too many glitches..where one has too often have to reset the darn thing in the middle of a ride. This to me is unbecoming of a Garmin product I ever owned. I am sure in time they will get more consistent, rugged, fool proof..but at this is sadly lacking reliability!

I've only had to reset mine a couple of times early on. Its been just fine for this entire riding season. I'm totally happy with it.

BTW, those of you who like google maps, be aware that their maps aren't entirely accurate either. I can think of a number of occasions that google has sent people up a road that wasn't maintained or didn't exist!
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