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Originally Posted by blakrj View Post
No idea on the throttle, but I use my brakes for slowing for corners. Do not leave the petcocks open on the RR tanks until you have used up some fuel from the stock tank, or it'll overflow. Normally I run 100km or so before opening the taps, or wait for the reserve light to come on before opening them up.
The RR tanks work sweet. I leave the petcocks off until I hit my low fuel light on the stock tank. I can turn on one or both tanks. Using just one tank (same with both tanks) the pumps seems to pull the fuel back enough so your (my) low fuel light goes off. Then when you are low again the low fuel light comes on again. Switch to your 3rd tank and the fuel is drawn back and your low fuel light goes off again.
Better get fuel after your 3rd low fuel light!! lol.
Nice as that way you can estimate mileage left...

Also if your RR tanks have different amounts of fuel in them, switch them both on and your fuel load will balance.
Nice for us symmetrical types.
If I know the miles in between fuel stops I don't always fill my RR tanks to the top - for keeping it light (er) in the technical stuff. Which I would estimate at 25 +-lbs of additional weight (full tanks). Not more really than a full tank bag or fender bag. Light set-up.

Other than a 'massaging' install of RR tanks, they work very well IMO.
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