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Originally Posted by Bob View Post
How have the bikes been since S A? From this report they seem fine.
Sadly, the engines have a terrible '2-second' rattle when you start them after being off for a while (especially on the first start of the day). La Gringa (white F8GS) flashes the 'low oil pressure' light from time to time on the 1st start of the day. Oil level is good BTW. Dealer says the sound is normal even though we've compared our bikes with several other F8GS and they don't 'sound normal'. Just a couple of days ago the dealer mentioned that the flashing low-oil pressure light is not normal...& to keep an eye on it and see how often it occurs. Now, why was I at my local dealer? ... wait for the end of this RR to find out!

PS: I don't want to turn this RR into an 'engine issues' discussion, please if you have any comments about it post them HERE

Originally Posted by far View Post
Great Ride report guys and amazing Pictures

Originally Posted by squonker View Post
What a great RR! I'm Likely (excuse the pun!) headed that way myself later this summer and this report gives me plenty of ideas. Thank you!
Haha... you're welcome Sir
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