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Originally Posted by snakebit View Post
, I'll try the higher heat. I'm not sure what you mean by "dough was either not strong enough" . Needs more folding? Less water?

Thanks for the help Jim.
Fermentation develops bread all on its own. That is the basis behind the no knead method. There's actually a lot of science behind what you guys are doing. Just mixing the ingredients together and letting them sit for a long time will turn into a bread dough eventually like so many in this thread has experienced. That only works with the smallest amount of yeast though. Too much, and it'll over ferment before giving it the opportunity to develop. We achieve the same thing with starters at the bakery allowing us to make bread in shorter time. The starters started the day before though, or in the case of sourdough years before.

Sooo, if the dough isn't developed enough, it's gonna be slop. It's not going to get any volume. Hole structure will suffer. Following the no knead method, maybe your dough needs more time. Maybe, it needs a fold (more likely). Still, considering what you said, I suspect its your bake. 425 isn't hot enough. If the oven wasn't pre-heated, and you used a cold (just an assumption) dutch oven, it's never going to get any volume. The hot dutch oven is creating a heat transfer forcing the cold dough up. Go into a cold oven, and the dough goes flat.

The other thing to keep in mind is that all flour is different. The recipe given is a guideline. Keep the yeast/salt/flour the same, but don't hesitate altering the water called for in the recipe. It's possible that your flour just doesn't absorb as much water, making it a wetter dough. Keep in mind also that, for the most part, the wetter the dough, the better the bread.

Hope that helps.
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