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The Chronicles of Gnarnia - Washington Cascades

Summer is finally here in Washington and the mountain trails are calling my name.

Thursday Andy (Awshouse) and I went to Miller Peak to ride some fun trails up in the mountains

I rode down to his place in Seattle at 6:30 and we hauled over the bikes in his truck to a place called Liberty, WA. We got off the highway and headed up some old roads that turned into 4wd in his truck. When we looked at the map we realized we were on a jeep trail by then so we parked and unloaded.

trail gained elevation right away

Mt Stuart coming into view

Summiting Miller Peak, 6,400ft

Mt Stuart and the Enchantments

Miller Time. We sat and watched the butterflies for a while

We came across two hikers who gave us the stink eye and did not say hello.. It was tempting to roost them as I went by but I held back

Thunderstorm passed over on our way to another trail system. We took about 20mi of gated logging roads to another trailhead.

The trail.. very remote. I was hoping at this point that we would not have any trouble and have to walk out.

A bit overgrown I think

Gaining elevation. I lost count of the switchbacks up the mountain.

Getting higher.. don't slide off the trail at all costs. It could mean a walk home.

Looking up from that point

Made it up on the ridge.. some nice snow to cool off.

Me at the summit, 7,200ft


Back in the day there was a lookout here. The stove is about all that remains

Mt Stuart and The Enchantments

Coming down, no kick stand needed

We got down to the abandoned roads and everything was smooth until shortly after this point..

Then this.
Of course my brand new, never used air compressor happened to be faulty so we could not fix it. I tested it at home before we left, and it pumped air. I did not test to see if it would pump higher than 0.5PSI.

Then this..

I was riding along and my headlights went dim. Hmm. We jiggled wires and they came back to life. Then a mile later it happened again. This is how things went for about 5-10mi, then the lights would not come back and the bike died. We pulled my seat for the last (fifth? sixth?) time as well as the gas tank and headlight to look at all the wiring. We could not figure it out.
By now it was completely dark and we were very tired and hungry. We finished the last of the six liters of water I brought as well as his numerous camelbacks. I pulled out my reserve power bars and we munched down thinking about the tasty burgers we would get in Leavenworth after we got out...
I jammed a flashlight into my helmet and rode the battery out no lights until we got a few miles from the truck were the bike gave up the ghost and died for the night. It was very hard to see as his headlight was pointed almost straight up instead of straight, and my piddly flashlight was all that I had to see with behind him. Not to mention the fact that he was playing the crabwalk game of riding a flat TRIALS tire 20mi on 4x4 roads.

So it was closing in 12AM and we just wanted to see the truck. There was still a maze of road to navigate so I took my GPS which was charging off the bike (now at 5% battery life) and jumped on his bike to head for the truck while he stayed with mine in the dark.

I found the truck a while later (GPS lasted thank goodness) and loaded the bike, threw it in 4x4 and took off for Andy out in the dark.. We loaded the bikes and headed for home, still 2.5hrs away (3.5hrs for him.)

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