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I had one of these new in 2007. In Aus, it cost $12,000 new. It was stolen and burned after 6 months and since it wasn't insured, and they had only arrived in Aus, I went for a second hand Burgman 650 rather than cough up another 12k.

I think the instruments on the Honda look better, more bike like, and it feels more nimble on the road. It also has normal bike mirrors that don't get in the way of car mirrors and is more svelte looking + it's a Honda. I never wanted to own a Suzuki.

The Burgman is a fat beast and those fixed body mirrors are too low and can be a pain in traffic always having to pull them in to go through tighter gaps but I've got used to it now. I can't comment on the SWing's durability but my Burgman is on 33k now and has never had a problem. I ride it every day. The Burgman feels more solid on the open road at speed ... but I'm only adding 125 pounds to the mix. I don't remember the SWing, but the Burgman's standard hand grips are too narrow and need beefing up (heated grips do the trick) or you'll get sore hands over long distances. I have a Givi screen with the extra bits that go out over the hands. It's great in the cold and rain.

The Burgman has a larger capacity underseat and that manual gear selection thing - which I tried once. I don't see the point of it. It also has another button that immediately increases the revs 1000 over whatever you're at. I have used that a couple of times when cars have wanted to race and I just like to show them briefly that they have no chance before I let them go

I read quite a few tests comparing maxi scooters and testers often said that the T-MAX was the most bike-like of the lot. That it had the closest to motorcycle handling in their opinions. I've never ridden one. The seat height is too high. Don't think i'm missing out on anything.

I would like to try that new Honda 700 Integra though.
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