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Originally Posted by UngaWunga View Post
you guys really need to post some recipes.
I am going to post my version of never fail banana bread! This will make two large loaf pan loaves.

4 Cups whole wheat flour. I use Bob's Red Mill or T.J's

2. T. Baking soda.

1.T Salt I use sea salt.

1. Cup dark brown sugar.

1. Cup honey, or molasses, or sorghum molasses. or an extra cup of dark sugar.

1. Cup Canola oil. You can use butter, or what ever oil you want. I prefer canola.

4. Rooster bullets. Sometimes referred to as eggs.

2. T real vanilla. I use Penzeys. You can use the imitation stuff, but you will notice the difference

8. large bananas that are over ripe. Fresh bananas will and can work, but is is just not as goos.

2. C. Chopped nuts. I use slivered almonds from Costco. Seems to be best price. Walnuts are best, but are big $$$

2. Cup dry oatmeal oats. Again I use Costco, best $$ and they are Quaker oats.

note, if you do not use honey or molasses or sorghum, and substitute with the sugar, DO NOT use the oats.

Mix the bananas, canola oil, rooster bullets, vanilla and the honey/liquid stuff, and the brown sugar together. I put the brown sugar in with the liquid stuff to be mixed so it will well and it is a lot less work than putting it in with your dry ingredients. I love my Kitchen counter top mixer for this. I'm taking this thing to the old folks home with me.

Mix all the dry ingredients together in big bowl. Mix well. Pour in all the well mixed liquid stuff in the dry stuff and mix well. I use a big wooden spoon to do this as it gives me a good feel of the texture of what is in the bowl.

At this point you can toss in several different things to make your mixture wetter if that is what you want. I use apple sauce mostly, or milk will also work. But if you want a dryer mixture I use equal amounts of dry oats and wheat flower. A quarter cup of each at a time.

Bake at 350 for 45 minutes and check to see if it is done. Usually it talks 60 few odd minutes. Do not take the dark color of the top of the load as meaning the bread is done early.

Now, here is something I learned the hard way working with whole wheat flour. USE METAL type pans. Trust me on this. My Pyrex. or Visions glass loaf baking dishes will burn the bottom of the loaf before it is done. This is not a problem if you use white flour. Whole wheat not so.
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