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Originally Posted by Pete-NZ View Post
LOL.... your question has a shade of smart in it... but to answer question "50 metres"
I will answer the 2nd part aswell ..
I need a lighter clutch so it's easyer to use while standing...I can use it as is.. but
lighter would make it easyer...

Mods we did in the heyday was to add 1/2 inch or there abouts, to the clutch arms at the transmission, more leverage means slightly easier pulling. Get new cables, they have more "slippery" (teflon? inserts) plus load them up with some good (become dry powdery) lubes. Make extra care to keep cables from making even remotely sharp turns... then also you can buy lever & perch combo that adds leverage at your fingers end of the cables.

Problem I find is, then it can be tedious to get enough slack to fully enguage clutch, yet enough movement at the arm at tranny area, to disenguage clutch, if you go too far on the bottom arm.

but it is all fine tunable. Then, get one of those hand squeezing things and build up your fingers, lol.
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