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I noticed that you stand alot of the time Lonestar. I do not. Can't speak for other E coast riders though. It is useful for relieving my arse bone, and I am quicker to balance in sketchy terrain while standing.

So, I didn't take any pictures of the road out of Chaco. It was challenging from about just past the campground. An interesting mix of deep sand and washboard. I was standing much of this time. There was no making time or taking pictures. Occasionally there would be thick deep sand with no earth to connect to. I went for it at first but then decided to take it slow... like, how fast would you like to wreck? For me it was about 5mph. That slow. I almost had the bitch done, and my bike started cutting out. I would go 10' and it would stall. Then it started well and ran as I sat there, but it would stall the second I would start any vibration.
REALLY ANNOYING. Another mechanical issue with the bike.

There were only the two pictures Bill took of my bike on its side.

I took a few things apart to see where the trouble was. I started with a fist to the air box. Bike stalls. Starts right up. Runs fine.
I wack the arrbox again and... Stall.
Something is shorting the electrical system somewhere... CRAP!!!!
That's not really a fecking thunderstorm coming this way?
.... Bill, Lonestar and I consider how to fix this..... Maybe an hour of this type of stuff goes on, and I finally pull the battery and shake it. AH, I don't think it should shake like maracas.
I always thought that the battery was pretty heavy for as high up in the bike as it is.... I was taken by the lore of one of the new lightweight batteries... saved over 6# up high. Well... the first time it hit the washboard, it took a crap.
The cells were bouncing around in there, stalling the bike and a host of other weird shit..... The 1 gallon left fuel light came on for no reason.... The tach read PEGGED when I was maybe getting 2000 rpm.
I was a bit freaked.... We made for Cuba NM, where we were supposed to meet the others. The bike probably stalled 50 times as we rode the miles to Cuba. I am NOT HAPPY.
I was a bit happier that there was 1 motorcycle battery that would fit my bike in Cuba NM. Thank you NAPA!!!
My new friend Steve and my friend Pomo helped with the battery install. Y'all made it easy!! Thank you both VERY much.
All the symptoms go away!!! Bike is fine today!! YEH BABY!!!! That was a HUGE success for me.
The CDR riders who didn't go to Chaco were waiting all afternoon for my ass to show up. Every rider made me feel ok about the holdup my battery failure caused.
We thought about getting a room in Cuba until some investigation... We made for a campground just north of Cuba.

Well.. I would like to post some pictures, but I can not access my photos.
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