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Originally Posted by albertm View Post
Thanks for share.
Muchas gracias por compartir este estupendo relato y magnificas fotos.
Saludos des de Barcelona.
De nada hombre, que bueno que te agrade nuestro RR saludos x Barcelona!
Originally Posted by Klay View Post

That's what it's all about
Originally Posted by Deuce View Post
One word of advise - compass. Get one.
Yeah... we - eventually - found our way to Argentina after 155 days...a couple of years back... no GPS, no compass, just good old fashion maps. We got lost countless times but I always say that the most memorable days were the ones when we had NO CLUE where we were...

I generally know more or less where East-West is by reading the sun's position and shade on the ground... then you can figure out where North and South are but there is evidence that it is not always a reliable source of information it works better near the Equator, me thinks.

But you are probably right, a compass would probably help at not getting lost so often... but then again, we wouldn't have as many memorable days as we do now

Originally Posted by Brent T View Post
Can't wait to see what happens next...
So, what are you guys thinking you need to do in 2013??
2013? we should get lost more often!
Originally Posted by alfabc View Post
Can't wait to hear how it turns out! Since we're reading their ride report, we know they got out, but how??? Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.
(the suspense kind)
Originally Posted by soph9 View Post
any chance you were tempted to harvest that interesting looking plant you found and smoke it after the day you both had? If this was Cheryl and me I can only imagine the language that would have come out of our mouths! Great stuff but I am sure you both were so frustrated eh?
@ the time we didn't know we were going to need those plant-based super powers

More than frustrated we were beyond exhausted. I can only recall one other time (Sonora desert Mexico comes to mind) when I was SO TIRED that i couldn't even drink/swallow water... let alone eat anything. It is pretty weird when your body goes into that state. I knew I was DONE. We rode nearly 60 km in 1st gear because the narrow road was technical and had not been used for a while (years maybe?) lots of rocks, potholes, branches, ruts, trees... you name it. Anyone that has ridden an F8GS knows how snatchy this bike is on 1st gear... 60 km of that wasn't easy. It wasn't safe for me to keep riding. I had no energy to control the bike or focused on what lied ahead on the road. Hands were shaking, muscles were cramping. Naomi wanted to keep pushing... but I was a done duck So we camped on the road

Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
Great stuff, the tough going only adds to the Adventure and is what you most remember years after...
Those rough sections probably had you putting smaller bikes on your wishlist?
Lighter bikes have been on our wish list for a little while now... I consulted the Oracle and was told that our next bikes will be below 250cc
Originally Posted by Redhed View Post
Hola Amigos Apparently you missed the resident Griz who lives near the top of the Hill, munching clover and scaring the crap out of mountain bikers and others. I can appreciate your frustration, as I had planned to ride from Lee's Corner, through the Gang Ranch, and south to Clinton....somehow ran out of a southerly trending road south of the Ranch and ended up at Williams' Lake. The Chilcotin Plateau is larger than life, and without the mountains to aim at, difficult to navigate, even with BC Back Roads. Hope you manage to ride and report on Kelly Lake road, Pavillion, and the High Line: Lots of potential for the money shot..
Our good fortune - yes, we have some of that - helped to avoid the infamous Griz that you mention
I think we went through the places that you mention... but I'm not sure... I don't know where we go really, Naomi does the planning ... I am just happy to ride my bike wherever, 'crash and look pretty' (as once an individual under the of DirtyBones described my riding style ) Wait of the next instalment to find out!

Originally Posted by THX_337 View Post
Man, that is sweet country. I can't wait to return.
I am heading over that way over labor day.
Anyone care to join me?
You got that right mi amigo!
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