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Originally Posted by UngaWunga View Post
So I've been riding my 315 a little more recently, and the flaws in my setup are starting to show. Bike can't stoppie. Front brakes are squishy as hell. Can bring the lever back to the bar. First 1/2" of travel feels good, but it'll sponge back to the bar. I've bled it, and reverse bled it, and it's still mushy. The caliper doesn't feel like it's moving, neither is the brake rotor.

Only thing I can think of is that the steel braided line has collasped, or the MC needs a rebuild. If the pads were hanging up in the caliper, I think I'd see the rotor flex to one side.


Also, my clutch drags hot or cold. Is it supposed to do that? It looks like the braided line from the clutch MC took a hit and is flattened out a little for 2" or so. Not much, but you can see it. Other things to look at?

Its a 2002-ish model.
Front Brake: You try a kit in master cylinder? bike is 10-ish years old, orings are a wear item in any bike... I doubt, it is the line, but cannot rule it out of course. WOuld be hard to diagnose without fitting a known good one and trying (new one). You could have stuck pistons in caliper, where one side moves to disc, the other side doesnt move or if 4 piston, if they dont all move at same time, brakes will not bite well...

Oil you use, can cause clutch to drag a little, IMHO, from my experience. my expereince is not on tessa's though, but buddy had sherco that he didnt get the same oil as Prev Owner, and the bike worked differently then he changed back and liked it better... you mileage will vary I guess.
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