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Originally Posted by Maytag Repairman View Post
I had my name at several dealers to be called when one came in. The only one that called (so far) is my local PoDunk dealership which I bought it at last Thursday the same day it was put on the floor.

The week before I had called the only powerhouse dealer within several counties of me but the salesman who answered the phone was annoyed that I was asking about the bike and insisted nobody in the area would be getting one before the middle of August and then hung up without offering to call me when one came in.
Congrats on the new bike! Be sure to post up after you've had some time to get to know her. I was thinking this would make a good adventure touring bike in the lines of a V-strom or F800 GS. I'm a long time KLR 650 rider and still really enjoy my big thumper. I thought the NC700X would have better road manners than the KLR but wouldn't shy away from a gravel road. The tank under the seat seems like it could be a bit of a hassle with the bike loaded but I'm sure a clever fella would come up with a packing scheme that would work. For me, it looks like a good platform to start with to build on.The only real drawback I see is the really limited (for now) aftermarket parts supply like aluminum skidplates, nerf bars etc. So Maytag, I am really interested in hearing your "real world" experience with the bike from an actual owner. That's worth a lot more to me than 100 speculations based on manufacturer supplied tech specs. Enjoy!
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