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The New World I.12 – Reaching Alaska Highway

We leave Lucian’s family quite late, not before having a look at the town’s mascot/symbol.
Quite like home, isn’t it?
We were thinking already at the road after Edmonton but we forgot that we still had like 60 miles until the city. It took us a while to get there and thus we decided to not stop and visit, fearing traffic jams. But the time we make up by avoiding the city center is lost trying to find a gas station at the outskirts of the city. Quite frustrating. But, hey, at least we found the cheapest gas from our trip so far. 1.089 $ Nice!

Being a diesel car owner back home, I notice also that here the diesel fuel is cheaper than gas. Wow! That would be nice back home…
Our aim for the next days was to reach the beginning of Alaska Highway, which was an astonishing display of engineering back when it was build. And which is said to be an astonishing road to ride on, now.
We press on towards West, Nord-West. I am not going to show you another prairie typical picture. OK, maybe just another one, as I love this scenery so much.
House with the view towards the sunset!

The road remains wide and straight but somehow you do not have time to get bored while riding. There is always something new to look at. If nothing else then for sure road signs should bring something new (at least for an European). For example here you go, I can test my odometer.
I’ve seen similar sign like the one below in Norway:
In Norway though we’ve never seen a real moose. And so far neither during this trip. We’ve heard that you should ride either early in the morning or late in the evening. Well, we kind of have a rule not to drive in the night, and as for the morning…. hmm some of us are not known to be early birds…
And speaking of sleeping, during this part of the trip Andreea started to have afternoon sleeps on the bike. Given the straight roads, I decided to let her have her naps. I was even feeling sorry that she did not had a nice spot to rest her head. She kept trying to put her helmet on mine but round on round is not very stable.
But, as a consequence, the number of pictures on this part of the road is somehow reduced.
How could you not be sleeping riding as pillion on this kind of scenery?
You take a look from the top of the hill and then, you can sleep in the back until we reach the next top of the hill.
Funny thing was that on one of these nips, Andreea woke up with the road transforming from the picture above to this:
The round-town road was not yet finished. So we had some gravel “fun” until not long after, we reached the tarmac again.
We start also to feel that we are in a high touristic area. Long gone were the camping sites from Miami with 5$/night (showers, power and water included). Now, for 26$/night, you got a dry spot. If you wanted extra luxury, like having a shower, you payed extra, you tourist! But I do not want to judge these people. I realize that they have just a small window during summer when they can have income from tourism. So I can not imagine how life is there after this window passes. But still, it would be nice not to feel like a cash – milk-cow.
Oh well, at least the spot was nice.

We smile when we see a small airplane who stays with us for a while. Must be super good to be up there on a clear day!
At the end of the next day we reach Dawson Creek, where the construction of Alaska Highway started more than half of century ago.
From now the prairie are a thing of the past. The mountains were close. We almost could feel them. And we’ve traveled from so far to reach them, all the way from Montreal.
Next time we will see if Gunnar still knows how to handle curvy roads. Until then, we wish you an excellent day!
Written from Whitehorse, with cheese-pie by my side. Happiness!
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