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Originally Posted by xylent
So my new tiger has shed 3 of 4 indicators in under a week. Seems like the heat has made them super soft and high speed wind or light pressure makes the rubber crack and tear. My front signals are being held on with gorilla tape right now, and right rear is duct taped to the side of the bike. Anyone else having problems with this? Bike has not been down. Its almost as if I have a turn signal gremlin chewing on them at night!

Other than that. I LOVE THIS BIKE!!

My left front was found broken on a ride just Friday. I was thinking maybe the factory or dealer torqued it too tight? The dealer is going to cover it. Mine is 2012 I've had for little over one week. I super glued mine till the dealer gets the new part in.
Could be a heat issue, maybe. It's been hot here in WNC, but I tend to think it's a bad batch of plastic/rubber that the indicator is made of.

Just saw this thread. The original post is in the tiger 800 mega thread.
Just an update, It took a couple of weeks, but my dealer replaced the indicator under warranty. The parts gal said they were on back order, so I think my theory that it was a mfg problem holds water. The rubber seems pretty soft as I sometimes find myself watching the indicators "dance" in the wind on a boring stretch of road.
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